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  • Total14849
  • MaxAp8612
  • MaxDp6237
  • Skill秋季のまどろみ
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  2. 名前 : Nery Gulke
    投稿日:2017/03/23(木) 18:11:31 ID:UxMTA2MzE

    I have a wood burning stove that has a 6 pipe that goes from the stove to the chimney. The pipe has a short 90 coming out of the stove, rises about 2 feet and then has another 90 going about 1 foot into the huge brick chimney with about a 10 x 12 flue? My chimney is all most 4 stories high. I have a 2 story house with a good size attic and basement. I get a lot of creosote build up in the second 90 so bad in about 2 months that its about filled solid. I use the Woodstove 24/7 to heat my house. I have seen things about stove to chimney ratio, and things about a cold chimney. What can I do to stop this build up?



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